Today, ( Monday witch I was supost  to do this ) we were talking about sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is when you are versing another team in hockey, soccer, basketball, lacross, or football, and you lose you always say good game and you did great instead of grunting and complaining that you lost. You can still be sad about it but you still need to say they did good. I have some experance with good sportsmanship and bad sportsmanship that I would like to share with you. Good: We were playing soccer and we lost ( like always ) and we said good game and also said you did awesome to the other players on the the team. Bad: I was swimming in a race and i won! I was so happy that I jumped up and yelled “YAHOO!”. The other person I was racing said I was bragging and that they thought it was unfair that I won. I still said good game and everything was awesome between us. Well that all for now! – Abbi 😀

Blogging About My Week

Hi guys, today I just want to talk about things that have been happining in my life this week. So Sunday was OK I guess. On sunday I just layed around playing Disney Infinity with my mom whch was fun. Munday was good. Munday I stayed home from schhol because the roads were REALLY bad, and its was -40 out. Tuesday was AWESOME! On Tuesday we only had 13 people in our class out of 24. We didnt do work and we just wached things on youtube and stuff like that. Wednsday ( Wich is today ) Was good sortof. Today we had all 24 in our class. The kindergarden class i lunch moniture only had 9 kids. Tomorrow I have soccer practice. I will right about school tomorrow. Friday im goig to my dads for the weekend. I will also right about school on Friday. Right now im at my Granddads house for dinner, like we do every Wendsday. Well after dinner we are going to play Clue with: Mum, Granddad, Grandma, Me, and Maybe Carson ( my cousin ) if he comes over. Well I will talk to you guys about my day tomorrow. – Abbi 😀